Learn how to set
Limoges in your
dining room
These pictures
show you different
themes with
different china sets
"L'art de la Table" Table settings with Limoges
The Rigoulene Van will take you to Limoges' best Museums to
learn more about the history of Limoges Porcelain
We will take you to famous Porcelain stores where you can
browse/buy beautiful china. Stores can Fedex/mail your
purchases directly
Visit Factories
Learn about the fabrication process of China, and the Limoges signature
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Porcelain Painting Workshops

This wonderful week-long experience will definitely make a difference
in your appreciation of arts and will bring you great knowledge  and
love for ceramics, and allow you to decorate your tables and homes.
Each guest spends the week painting their own Limoges porcelain,
learning the centuries old techniques employed to create this magnificent
pieces. The painting teachers are of high level, and we want our students
to get a feeling for the history of the porcelain industry.

It is a 6 day experience with 8 participants per course, painting, visiting
factories, stores and the marvelous Limoges Museum containing one of
the best collections of porcelain.

All meals are taken in an ancient dining room painted during the
Renaissance period by an Italien artist on his way from Italy to the Loire
Valley Chateau.
The place settings all cherished Limoges Porcelain will vary every
evening in keeping with a seasonal theme. The food is prepared by our
cook, following traditional Family Recipes.

Your days starts with a hearty continental  breakfast, following which we
will be painting in the workshop, under the direction of  a professional
artist. The teacher’s focus will be on various porcelain painting

Both confirmed artists and beginners are welcome.
On our learning trips to the museums, the curator and her team will each
us about Limoges history, and will show us some of the most famous
and precious pieces of their ceramic collections.
Workshops include:

-Room and Board
-Highest Level Teachers
-Transportation during Course
-Museums/Factories/Historical Sites
-Subscription to our Association